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2mg PEG MGF Peptide Growth Hormone Lyophilized Powder Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor

Good quality Peptide Growth Hormone for sales
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2mg PEG MGF Peptide Growth Hormone Lyophilized Powder Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor

China 2mg PEG MGF Peptide Growth Hormone Lyophilized Powder Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor supplier
2mg PEG MGF Peptide Growth Hormone Lyophilized Powder Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor supplier 2mg PEG MGF Peptide Growth Hormone Lyophilized Powder Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor supplier 2mg PEG MGF Peptide Growth Hormone Lyophilized Powder Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor supplier

Large Image :  2mg PEG MGF Peptide Growth Hormone Lyophilized Powder Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor

Product Details:

Place of Origin: HongKong
Brand Name: Hongxi Pharm
Certification: SGS
Model Number: Hormone Peptide

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 10 vials
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Disguise Package + Aluminum Foil Bag
Delivery Time: 5-7 business days
Payment Terms: Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T, Bitcoin
Supply Ability: 10000 vials per month
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Detailed Product Description
Name: PEG-MGF Purity: 99%+ USP/BP Grade
MOQ: 10 Vials Shipping: DHL, UPS, EMS, FEDEX, Post, ECommerce
Package: Secure/Discreet Package Payment: Bitcoin, Western Union, MoneyGram, Bank Transfer

PEG-MGF Human Growth Peptides Grow Your Muscles with the PEG-MGF Peptide


PEG-MGF Peptide Details:

Product Name: PEG-MGF

M. F.: C121H200N42O39
Molecular Weight: 2867.14
Water Content(Karl Fischer): 8.0% Max
Grade: Pharmaceutical Grade
Package: 2mg/Vial, 10vials/Kit
Purity (HPLC): 98.0%

Delivery time Within 18 hours upon receipt of payment

Delivery EMS, DHL, TNT, FedEx, UPS etc

Usage Promotion Development Dosage

Specification 2mg/Vial, 10Vials/Kit


PEG-MGF Peptide Specification:

Product Name PEG-MGF
Appearance Lyophilized White Powder
Purity Above 98.00% +
Specification 2mg/vial
Standard Pharmaceutical Grade
Application Type For Injection Usage
Stability 2-3 Years
Supplying Form

1) in Vial: Freeze-Dried White Powder(MOQ 10 vial)

2) in Tube: 1000mg powder(MOQ 500mg)

Min Order 10 vial
Customize(OEM) . Various Colors of Flip off Caps(White, Black, Green, Pink, Yellow ...)
. 1mg/vial, 2mg/vial, 5mg/vial, 10mg/vial, or no vials .
. Peptide blend service, such as CJC + GHRP-2 Combo ......
Formulation Sterile Filtered white lyophilized (freeze-dried)
Stability 2 months at room temperature 24 months from date of receipt, 20 °C as supplied. 1 month, 2 to 8 °C under sterile conditions after reconstitution. 3 months, 20 to 70 °C under sterile conditions after reconstitution.
Suitability suitable for cell culture and animal experiment
Purity >98% by RP-HPLC
Storage Store at -20°C. Product is guaranteed 2 years from the date of shipment. Following reconstitution, store at -20°C. We recommend to add a carrier protein (0.1% HSA or BSA) for long term storage.
PEG-MGF Usage Promote your body releases a pulse of an MGF splice variant , increasing the length of your body's own mechanism for muscle repair and growth.


PEG-MGF Peptide Introduction:

PEG-MGF, or PEGylated Mechano Growth Factor is a new and innovative form of MGF

that outperforms natural MGF many times over. MGF is a splice variant of the IGF gene

which increases stem cell count in the muscle and allows for muscle fibers to fuse and

mature. This is a process required for growth of adult muscle. Natural MGF is made locally

and does not travel into the bloodstream.


Neurological research has shown that utilizing PEGylated MGF resulted in a longer more

stable acting version of the MGF peptide in serum/blood


Using PEG MGF on non workout days is actually the very best route, the muscle has been

damaged, so there are plenty of receptors for MGF, the effects are systematic so all muscles

will be helped to recover through increased nitrogen retention, protein turnover, and satellite

cell activation. Recovery is just going to sky rocket.

Doing this means your increasing the length of your body's own mechanism for muscle

repair and growth, your opening up the anabolic window.

2mg PEG MGF Peptide Growth Hormone Lyophilized Powder Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor

PEG-MGF Peptide Application:

1) Mechano Growth Factor (MGF) also known as IGF-1Ec is a growth factor/repair factor that MGF derived from exercised or damaged muscle tissue. MGF has the ability to cause wasted tissue to grow and improve by activating muscle stem cells and increasing the upregulation of protein synthesis, this unique ability can rapidly improve recovery and speed up muscle growth.

2) MGF can initiate muscle satellite (stem) cell activation in addition to its IGF-1 receptor domain which, in turn, increases protein synthesis turnover; Therefore, if used correctly it can improve muscle mass over time


PEG-MGF Peptide Effects:

1. PEG MGF improved regeneration of skeletal muscle: Peg MGF has been shown to extend the half-life of mechano growth factor by ways of initiating PEGylation.

2. PEG MGF faster, more efficient means of injury recovery - Scientific study that has been built on animal test subjects has determined that the overall functionality of Peg MGF causes a boost in the amount of time in which the materials that are needed in order to repair muscle fiber and skeletal tissue can be expressed.

3. PEG MGF: Improvement of bone density - Scientific study that has been based on animal test subjects has determined that the Peg MGF's ability to promote skeletal tissue growth and repair ties to an ability to induce an enhanced amount of bone mineral to be produced.


PEG-MGF Peptide Dosage:

If training with weights, then you have already been using PEG-MGF / Pegylated MGF that your body creates. IGF-1 is spliced due to its response to broken down muscle tissue and one of the splices produced is IGF-1Ec, better known as mechano growth factor.


To take advantage of all that this peptide has to offer, inject a dosage of one thousand milligrams once per day, two to three times per week. Most people choose to inject a couple of hours before their workouts. This helps to promote better results. Typical cycles for this peptide last five to six weeks. People adjust their dosing schedules based on their personal preferences. After your weight training, Preferably injected intramuscularly. Due to the extended half-life PEG-MGF / Pegylated MGF can be injected subcutaneously into fat and still make its way to the muscle cell receptors and be effective.


PEG-MGF Peptide COA:

M. F C121H200N42O39
Purity (HPLC) 99.2.0%
Single Impurity(HPLC) ≤ 0.5%
Amino Acid Composition ±10% of theoretical
Peptide Content(N%) ≥ 80.0%
Water Content(Karl Fischer) ≤ 8.0%
Acetate Content(HPLC) ≤ 10.0%
Specific Rotation (20/D) -55.0~-65.0° (c=1 1%HAc)
MS(ESI) Consistent
Mass Balance 95.0~105.0%
Bacterial Endotoxins ≤ 5 EU/mg
Appearance White powder


Peptides and Specification:

GHRP-6 5 mg/vial GHRP-2 5 mg/vial
CJC-1295 DAC 2 mg/vial PEG-MGF 2 mg/vial
CJC-1295 No DAC 2 mg/vial PEG-MGF 2 mg/vial
Hexarelin 5 mg/vial Hexarelin 2 mg/vial
PT-141 10 mg/vial DSIP 5 mg/vial
Selank 2 mg/vial Oxytocin 2 mg/vial
GHRP 2 mg/vial Tesamorelin 2 mg/vial
Ipamorelin 5 mg/vial Ipamorelin 5 mg/vial
MT-2 10 mg/vial MT-1 10 mg/vial
HGH Fragment 176-191 5 mg/vial HGH Fragment 176-195 2 mg/vial
Thymosin bate 4 2 mg/vial Sermorelin 2 mg/vial
DSIP 1 mg/vial Selank 5 mg/vial
Gonadorelin 2 mg/vial Triptorelin 100mcg/vial
BPC 157 5 mg/vial Follistatin 1 mg/vial


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