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Anabolic Ratio and Androgenic Ratio Chart

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Anabolic Ratio and Androgenic Ratio Chart

Anabolic Ratio and Androgenic Ratio Chart

Anabolic Ratio and Androgenic Ratio Chart

What is Anabolic Androgenic Ratio?

Anabolic steroids are derivatives of testosterone which share two types of activity–muscle building (anabolic) and non-muscle male sex hormone related activity (androgenic):

  • Anabolic, meaning that they promote anabolism (cell growth)
  • Androgenic (or virilising), meaning that they affect the development and maintenance of masculine characteristics

Some examples of the anabolic effects are:

  • increased protein synthesis from amino acids
  • increased appetite
  • increased bone remodeling and growth
  • stimulation of bone marrow, which increases the production of red blood cells

Through a number of mechanisms anabolic steroids stimulate the formation of muscle cells and hence cause an increase in the size of skeletal muscles, leading to increased strength. 

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Anabolic Ratio and Androgenic Ratio Chart:

Product Name (Active Ingredient) Anabolic Androgenic
1-Testosterone 100 200
Anabolicum Vister(Quinbolone)(Oral Boldenone) 50 100
Anadrol 50(Oxymetholone) 45 320
Anadur(Nandrolone Hexyloxyphenylpropionate) 37 125
Anatrofin(Stenbolone Acetate) 107-144 267-332
Anavar(Oxandrolone) 24 322-630
Andractim(Dihydrotestosteron) 30-260 60-220
Andriol(Testosterone Undecanoate) 100 100
Androderm(Testosterone) 100 100
Androgel(Testosterone) 100 100
Boldabol(Boldenone Acetate) 50 100
Cheque Drops(Mibolerone) 1,800 4,100
Danocrine(Danazol) 37 125
Deca-Durabolin(Nandrolone Decanoate) 37 125
Deposterona(Testosterone Blend) 100 100
Dianabol(Methandrostenolone) 40-60 90-210
Dimethyltrienolone 10,000+ 10,000+
Dinandrol(Nandrolone Blend) 37 125
Durabolin(NPP) 37 125
Dynabol(Nandrolone Cypionate) 37 125
Equipoise(Boldenone Undecylenate) 50 100
Esiclene(Formebolone) No Data Available  
Genabol(Norbolethone) 17 350
Halotestin(Fluoxymesterone) 850 1,900
Hydroxytestosterone 25 65
Laurabolin(Nandrolone Laurate) 37 125
Madol(Desoxymethyltestosterone ) 187 1,200
Masteron(Drostanolone Propionate) 25-40 62-130
Megagrisevit-Mono(Clostebol Acetate) 25 46
MENT(Methylnortestosterone Acetate) 650 2,300
Mestanolone 78-254 107
Methandriol(Mythelandrostenedi ol) 30-60 20-60
Methyl-1-Testosterone 100-220 910-1,600
Methyldienolone 200-300 1,000
Methylhydroxynandrolone(MHN) 281 1304
Methyltestosterone 94-130 115-150
Metribolone(Methyltrienolone) 6,000-7,000 12,000-30,000
Miotolan(Furazabol) 73-94 270-330
Myagen(Bolasterone) 300 575
Nilevar(Norethandrolone) 22-55 100-200
Omnadren(Testosterone Blend) 100 100
Orabolin(Ethylestrenol) 20-400 200-400
Oral Turinabol None 100+
Oranabol(Oxymesterone) 50 330
Orgasteron(Normethandrolone) 325-580 110-125
Parabolan(Tren Hexahydrobenzycarbonate)-500 500  
Primobolan(Methenolone Acetate) 44-57 88
Primobolan Depot(Methenolone Enanthate)-44-57 88  
Prostanozol n/a n/a
Protabol(Thiomesterone) 61 456
Proviron(Mesterolone) 30-40 100-150
Sanabolicum(Nandrolone Cyclohexylpropionate)-37 125  
Steranabol Ritardo(Oxabolone Cypionate) 20-60 50-90
Superdrol(Methyldrostanolone) 400 20
Sustanon 100 & 250 100 100
Synovex(Testosterone Propionate & Estradiol)-100 100  
Test 400 100 100
Test Enanthate/Cypionate/Propionate/Susp & Blends-100 100  
THG(Tetrahydrogestrinone) No Data Available  
Tren Acetate/Enanthate & Blends 500 500
Winstrol(Stanozolol) 30 320


The Androgenic/Virilising Effects Include:

  • pubertal growth
  • sebaceous gland oil production
  • growth of the clitoris in females
  • increased growth of androgen-sensitive hair (pubic, beard, chest, and limb hair)
  • increased vocal cord size and deepening the voice
  • increased libido
  • suppression of natural sex hormones
  • impaired production of sperm.

The androgenic:anabolic ratio of an AAS is an important factor when determining the clinical application of these compounds. Initial steroid research sought to synthesize a compound which retained a high degree of anabolic activity coupled with a diminished androgenic activity, the goal being to produce a compound with a high anabolic yet low androgenic effect, or a high A/A ratio. Since steroids were intended for medical treatment patients could include men and women, and even children. It was therefore important to avoid any androgenic effects when providing anabolic treatment.

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