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CAS 55-06-1 L Thyroxine T4 , L Triiodothyronine Cytomel T3 Weight Loss

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CAS 55-06-1 L Thyroxine T4 , L Triiodothyronine Cytomel T3 Weight Loss

China CAS 55-06-1 L Thyroxine T4 , L Triiodothyronine Cytomel T3 Weight Loss supplier
CAS 55-06-1 L Thyroxine T4 , L Triiodothyronine Cytomel T3 Weight Loss supplier CAS 55-06-1 L Thyroxine T4 , L Triiodothyronine Cytomel T3 Weight Loss supplier CAS 55-06-1 L Thyroxine T4 , L Triiodothyronine Cytomel T3 Weight Loss supplier

Large Image :  CAS 55-06-1 L Thyroxine T4 , L Triiodothyronine Cytomel T3 Weight Loss

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Place of Origin: HongKong
Brand Name: Hongxi Pharm
Certification: SGS
Model Number: Weight Loss Material

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1KG
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Disguise Package
Delivery Time: 5-7 business days
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Name: L Triiodothyronine Purity: 99%+ USP/BP Grade
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CAS 55-06-1 Thyroxine Steroids L-Triiodothyronine T3 Powder Cytomel for Weight Loss

Dear Customers, we supply Purity 99% Min T3 , L-Triiodothyronine Pharm Materials in Raw Powder form.


T3/L-Triiodothyronine Details:

L-Triiodothyronine Alias: Cytomel T3; 3,3',5-triiodothyronine sodium
L-Triiodothyronine CAS NO: 55-06-1
L-Triiodothyronine Einecs No: 200-223-5
L-Triiodothyronine MF: C15H11I3NNaO4
L-Triiodothyronine MW: 672.96
L-Triiodothyronine Purity: 99%
L-Triiodothyronine Appearance: White or light yellow powder


T3/L-Triiodothyronine Specification:

T3 Name L-Triiodothyronine
T3 Alias T3
T3 Chemical Name 3,3',5-Triiodo-L-thyronine, sodium salt
T3 CAS 55-06-1
T3 EINECS 200-223-5
T3 Purity 99%
T3 Packing Foil bag or tin.
T3 Appearance White or light yellow crystal powder
T3 Standard Enterprise Standard
T3 Storage Shading , confined preservation
T3 Usage One of the thyroid hormones involved in the maintenance of metabolic homeostasis. Synthesized and stored as amino acid residues of thyroglobulin, the major protein component of the thyroid follicular colloid.
T3 Molecular Fomular C15H12I3NO4
T3 Molecular Weight 650.97
T3 Molecular Structure CAS 55-06-1 L Thyroxine T4 , L Triiodothyronine Cytomel T3 Weight Loss


What is T3/L-Triiodothyronine?

Triiodothyronine is the active form of the thyroid hormone, thyroxine. T3 is the true hormone. Approximately 20% of triiodothyronine is secreted into the bloodstream directly by the thyroid gland. The remaining 80% is produced from conversion of thyroxine by organs such as the liver and kidneys.


T3 is not produced directly by your thyroid gland, is actually converted from the T4 thyroid hormone, it

has potent fat burning effects, and T3will enhance your body’s ability to synthesize protein, even at very

low doses which can actually help add muscle. T3 when used in conjunction with HGH fragment will reducenitrogen retention, this is a fact, so if your looking to get big and ripped, you need to add in something else.


Cytomel (T3) is commonly used with anabolic steroids due to its significant impact on the body’s metabolism as a whole. It is very important to understand that T3 is indiscriminate in its metabolism boosting properties – it will increase the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, and protein all equally. The bodybuilding and athletic world is attracted to the use of T3 as a physique and/or performance enhancing drug because of its capability to distinctly boost the body’s metabolism in the effort to metabolize body fat at a greater rate.

CAS 55-06-1 L Thyroxine T4 , L Triiodothyronine Cytomel T3 Weight Loss


T3/L-Triiodothyronine Feature as Fat Loss:

Liothyronine is the most potent form of thyroid hormone. Chemically, it is nearly identical to triiodothyronine (T3). As such, it acts on the body to increase the basal metabolic rate, affect protein synthesis and increase the body's sensitivity to catecholamines by permissiveness. The thyroid hormones are essential to proper development and differentiation of all cells of the human body. These hormones also regulate protein, fat, and carbohydrate metabolism, affecting how human cells use energetic compounds.


T3 is a regulator of the oxidative metabolism of energy. When you take liothyronine sodium it will increase the uptake of nutrients into the mitochondria, which raises activity in the oxidative metabolic pathway. This causes everything to work harder within the organism and makes the body demand more fuel.


T3 in the body is responsible for regulating the uptake of various nutrients into cells and into the mitochondria of those cells in order to effectively become utilized for the production and consumption of energy.The mitochondria of every single cell in the body utilizes carbohydrates (primarily), fat, and even protein for the production of an energy source known as ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). Through the intake of more T3, this production of ATP will increase, leading to an increased rate of energy consumption in the form of fats,carbohydrates, and protein. Hence, this is why the consumption of too much T3 without the use of anabolic steroids can result in muscle loss.


T3/L-Triiodothyronine Feature as Bodybuilding Supplement:

The increase of ATP and metabolic activity leads the body to burn fat. This is why bodybuilders use T3 as a part of their anabolic steroid stacks. Furthermore, T3 is popular among bodybuilders because it can help burn those stubborn 1 to 2% of body fat that won't come off through just diet and cardio.


Another interesting property of Cytomel is that it can enhance growth hormone (GH) production.


T3/L-Triiodothyronine Application:
* Promote gluconeogenesis,
* Increase utilization and mobilization of glycogen stores,
* Stimulate protein synthesis,
* Promote cell growth and differentiation,
* Aid in the development of the brain and CNS.

* Thyroid hormones play vital roles in regulating the body's metabolic rate, heart and digestive functions, muscle control, brain development and the maintenance of bones.

* Cytomel (T3) is also commonly combined with other fat loss agents in order to increase its overall effect, as it does work synergistically with other fat loss agents.

T3/L-Triiodothyronine Effects:
1) Effects on Fat Metabolism:

T3 (or more specifically, thyroid hormones in general) are investigated for their interactions with fat mass since, in survey research, thyroid activity may be related to fat mass and BMI. Some studies suggest a correlation whereas other suggest it does not exist for those with normal thyroid function.It is a contest field, as some studies do exist that suggest a relation even in those with normal thyroid function. These discrepancies may be due to the highly variable 'normal range' of thyroid hormones.


2) Effects on Muscle Tissue:

In obese subjects, a reduction in urinary nitrogen has been reported with T3 supplementation, and was additive to fasting's reduction in urinary nitrogen; suggesting a muscle preserving effect. These results have been replicated a short-term metabolic ward study at 100mcg daily, in four divided dosages. However, at least one study has noted an increase in urinary nitrogen after four weeks usage, in doses ranging from 0.36-1.01mcg/kg bodyweight.


3) Effects on Cognition:

Thyroid hormone status is correlated with cognition, and a lower level of thyroid hormones is related to depressive-like symptoms.


T3/L-Triiodothyronine Dosage:
25–50 mcg initially (if cardiovascular disease is present, initial dose should be 10–20 mcg). Additional

doses may be given, to a total of at least 65 mcg/day (not to exceed 100 mcg/day). Doses should be at

least 4 hr but not more than 12 hr apart.


Cytomel (T3) does speed fat loss. As a guideline, for most 12.5 mcg/day is a conservative "supplement" sort of dosing that seems to have no detectable adverse effect on thyroid function at all.

25 mcg/day is a "supplement" sort of dosing that does have some inhibitory effect.

50 mcg/day is a reasonably conservative bb'ing sort of dose that, of course, is more inhibitory.

75 mcg/day is getting into more of a problem area;

100 mcg/day in many cases leads to loss of muscle size and strength.


T3/L-Triiodothyronine COA:

Item Specification Result
Appearance An odorless, almost white or buff colored powder pass
Solubility 1,Very slightly soluble in water pass
2,slightly soluble in alcohol pass
3,practically insoluble in most other organic solvents pass
4,disolves in diluted aqueous sodium hydroxide solutions Pass
Identification a) Heat about 50 mg with a few drops of sulfuric acid in a porcelain crucible: violet vapors of iodine are evolved. pass
b)The retention time of the major peak is confirm to the RS pass
Loss on Drying Not more than 4.0% 0.46%
C=1 in 1M HCl/EtOH 1:4
+18 ~ +22o +20.9o
Assay(HPLC) Not less than 95.0% 99.18%
Levothyroxine sodium Not more than 5.0% 0.68%
Conclusion: Up to the Standard for Export


L-Triiodothyronine(T3) and L-Thyroxine Sodium Salt(T4)

* T3 and T4 are not equal in strength; T3 is the more active hormone of the two. While T3 is stronger, taking synthetic T4 hormone is considered the standard treatment for hypothyroidism. The reason for this is because most of the T3 in our bodies actually used to be T4. When T4 hormones come into contact with other cells in the bloodstream, they give up an iodine atom to interact with those cells. When T4 loses an iodine atom, it becomes T3.


* T4 is deiodinated by three deiodinase enzymes to produce the more-active triiodothyronine.T3 is the more metabolically active hormone produced from T4. Deiodinase enzyme one accounts for 80% of the deiodination of T4, present in liver, kidney, thyroid, and (to a lesser extent) pituitary. Deiodinase enzyme two presents in CNS, pituitary, mediates negative feedback on thyroid-stimulating hormone, also presents in brown adipose tissue, and heart vessel, which is predominantly intracellular. Deiodinase enzyme three, converts T4 into reverse T3, which, unlike T3, is inactive, it present in placenta, CNS, and hemangioma.


* T4 is synthesised in the thyroid gland follicular cells as follows As a secondary active transporter, utilises the concentration gradient of Na+ to move I− against its concentration gradient.The sodium-iodide symporter transports two sodium ions across the basement membrane of the follicular cells along with an iodine ion. I− is moved across the apical membrane into the colloid of the follicle. Iodide is non-reactive, and only the more reactive iodine is required for the next step.Thyroperoxidase oxidises two I− to form I2. The thyroglobulin was synthesised in the ER of the follicular cell and secreted into the colloid. The thyroperoxidase iodinates the tyrosyl residues of the thyroglobulin within the colloid. Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) released from the pituitary gland binds the TSH receptor (a Gs protein-coupled receptor) on the basolateral membrane of the cell, stimulates the endocytosis of the colloid. The lysosomal enzymes cleave the T4 from the iodinated thyroglobulin. The endocytosed vesicles fuse with the lysosomes of the follicular cell. Then vesicles are exocytosed, releasing the thyroid hormones.


Weight Loss Fat Burner Chemicals API:

T3 (L-Triiodothyronine) AMP Citrate
T4 DMAE Bitartrate
HGH Fragment 176-191 DNP
Albuterol Sulfate Rimonabant
DMAA Orlistat
DMHA Cetilistat


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